By Anna Deckert, Mission Network News

For Orlando Perez, athletics are more than a pastime or hobby. They changed his life; now, they’re an outlet for sharing his faith.


Kaitlyn Dugan came to the University of New Hampshire as a pre-med student with a desire to help others through her career. Ten years later, as she completed her medical residency at a hospital serving vulnerable populations in her hometown of Philadelphia, she realized how pivotal her experiences as an athlete and a member of Athletes InterVarsity (AIV) were to her development.

Andrew Dionne graduated from a small high school in Rhode Island and wasn’t recruited for college athletics. He walked onto the cross country and track teams at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and was introduced to InterVarsity toward the end of his freshman year.  

Because Mickey has served both as an InterVarsity campus minister and now as an athletic coach, he holds a unique perspective on how choosing to live out his faith affects the way he coaches.

By Diane Banderas

If you had asked me two years ago about my faith, I would have given you a very cookie –cutter answer.

By InterVarsity

Over 460,000 student-athletes like Danny and Kaylee participate in collegiate athletics every year. Each one of them is an opportunity for God to display his love and mercy—and Athletes InterVarsity is committed to reaching as many of them as possible.

By Kaylee Kilpatrick

This semester we will be sharing stories of athletes who are stepping out in their faith, taking risks, and inviting their teammates to encounter Jesus through scripture and team Bible studies.  

Read more about Kaylee, a Women's Basketball player at the University of New Hampshire, and how her life, passion, and purpose was transformed by God.  

By Abi Christian

Stepping in front of more than 40 people, teammates and other athletes, Lauren started to share...

By Gordon Govier

Before LINSANITY, Jeremy Lin was a college athlete trying to navigate practice, school, friends, and discovering his relationship with Jesus.

By Mickey Miela

Brian’s eyes told me that he was waiting for me to take the lead, so I started off by making the easy invite to my team.

By Meredith Beaton

Meredith is an Athletes InterVarsity staff and leader in this crazy movement we're calling Athletes InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.