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A look at several parables that Jesus told.  Each study will focus on the theme of the Kingdom of God, will have something to say about what people in the Kingdom are like, and what it means to be a part of it.  As we compare these stories with our lives, we will know with greater certainty if we are “in” the Kingdom of God—or not.

We look at a number of the "I am" statements Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John.  Looking at these direct claims Jesus made, are they true?  If they aren't, we will be left to believe that Jesus was either a liar or a lunatic.  If they are true, however--and Jesus is who he said he was--this should radically affect our lives.  

God has a bigger plan for the world: working for redemption and using people from all over the world to bring justice, hope, and good news. It is crucial to the gospel to provide for people in need, but also this is what will help you see God on earth.

Man Up is a four-week Bible study on Anger, Sex, Power, and Money.  This study looks at what Jesus or Scripture has to say about these topics and what it might look like in today’s culture.

One of the most important questions in life is: “What is our response to Jesus?”  In this GIG, we look at people who had different responses to Jesus and ask the question, "How do we respond to him?"