By Kaylee Kilpatrick

Allowing God to Transform All Areas of My Life

Kaylee Kilpatrick

University of New Hampshire Women’s Basketball – Class of 2015


Kaylee was a leading scorer and shot blocker, captain of her team, and was named to the American East Conference Academic All-District First Team.

I had always considered myself a good person. I had good morals, I worked hard at everything I did, and I obeyed my parents. I respected people and treated them the way I would want to be treated.

But when a friend challenged me by asking what I thought it meant to be a good person, I began to wonder if I really was what I was striving to be. Was I doing enough, giving enough of myself, excelling enough in school and basketball? I realized that I could never be good enough to meet God’s perfect standard.

I came to faith over spring break while in Tampa with InterVarsity’s ServeUP (the best week of my life—I could write a whole book about that week). In the midst of serving needy people in Tampa alongside my fellow students, I was able to ask tough questions that ultimately led me to give my life to Christ.

I have always been a happy person with a positive outlook on life, but now I am filled with this indescribable joy and inner peace. I no longer worry about the future because I know God has a plan and will use me according to His will. I know that it doesn’t matter how much or how well I do, because I know I will continue to mess up, but God will love me just the same.

My life has changed tremendously. Being a member of Athletes InterVarsity (AIV) has opened doors for me and allowed me to build relationships with peers and mentors. Before, I felt like I was only being a small fraction of what I could be. Now the more I learn about who God is, the more of that potential I am becoming.

I still have a lot of the same dreams and aspirations but my motivation has changed. I dreamed of playing basketball professionally overseas ever since I was a little girl, and my dream has become a reality. (Kaylee currently plays for Brunell Cork of the Women’s Premier Basketball League in Ireland.)  Now I play because God has gifted me with a talent and I want to share his light with teammates, opponents, and spectators.

Today I want others to see the joy I experience when I play, to be inspired to ask questions, and to start a relationship with Christ. After my basketball career, I want to be a doctor to help people have a better quality of life. I feel like I will be able to heal people on a deeper level and have a bigger impact on their overall well-being.

Outside of myself, I saw God at work all over campus. We started a Bible study with a few people from our team; by the end of the semester more than half the team was attending! Furthermore, the fellowship between members of AIV from all different sports teams is evident to our peers through our camaraderie. They may not understand what it is, but they can see something’s there. I hope it will inspire them to start asking questions.

I could talk for days about what God has done in my life this year alone. One major stepping stone in my journey was joining AIV. It presented me with so many opportunities that have completely changed my life, for which I am eternally grateful.


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