Radical Encounters with Jesus

From the very beginning of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry, His words and actions caused people to wonder (and sometimes want to know) who He really was. However, people for the most part didn’t really know Him —at least at first. Those that did may have only known Him as “Joseph’s son” (Luke 4:22), a boy born the son of a carpenter and raised in the little town of Nazareth. However, as Jesus grew to be an adult and went about His earthly ministry—and especially as people personally “encountered” Him (or as He “encountered” them)—some came to know Him to be much more.

This Bible study series is taken from the first few chapters of Luke’s account of Jesus’ life and ministry. Each study will focus on particular individuals who at first may or may not have had some understanding of who Jesus was, but who—through their encounters with Him—came to know Him better. And this will be the aim of our studies as well: to "encounter Jesus” and grow in our understanding of who He really is.