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If you have any questions:

  • How do I start Athletes InterVarsity on my campus?
  • How can I get connected with a local Athletes InterVarsity Staff?
  • How do I start reaching out to athletes?

Please contact us at the form below OR reach out to specific Athetes Intervarsity Staff from the list below:

National Director - Maghan Perez - Email this staff

Associate Director of Planting and Growth - Denny Brogan - Email this staff 

Assistant Director of Resource Development - Nathanael Lo - Email this staff

New Hampshire, Maine - Tim Hafner - Email this staff 

Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, DC - Colleen Caskey - Email this staff 

Massachusetts - Rachel Dean - Email this staff 

New York, New Jersey - Allison Stump  - Email this staff 

Western PA - Anna Rickrode - Email this staff

Central Michigan - Josh Rooker - Email this staff

Southern Michigan - Katie Hall - Email this staff

Illinois - Mackenzie Harmon - Email this staff

Minnesota, Wisconsin, North/South Dakota - Jason Hull - Email this staff 

South Dakota - John Tongilava  - Email this staff 

Utah - Kalena Young - Email this staff

Los Angeles/ Southern California - Reese Foy - Email this staff 

San Diego - Samuel Stone - Email this staff

Central California - Nicole Kyker - Email this staff 

West Virginia (Volunteer) - Joshua Mays - Email this volunteer
Delaware (Volunteer) - Sarah Lang - Email this volunteer
Delaware (Volunteer)  - Evan Laude  - Email this volunteer

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